America's Home Place
Production Standards

Top Quality Production Standards

Offering National Branded products within our homes is an important piece of the construction process. At America’s Home Place our qualified and professional team of experts have a passion for turning the construction process into the custom home your dreams. Deciding to build and own your own home is one of the largest decisions you make in a lifetime, and America’s Home Place desires to get to know you and your family throughout the building process, developing a lasting relationship for years to come. Our Production staff is very involved with our customers and responds quickly with calls and inquires throughout the construction process.

Our Sales Managers are available to meet with you and assist with selecting a floor plan, creating a workable budget and help with your selection process, down to the smallest detail. Once you have chosen all of the necessary components to begin construction of your new home, our staff is always available for questions.

Meet Your Production Manager

As construction begins, America’s Home Place has Production Managers in place to ensure the home is being built according to specifications outlined by county code offices as well as selection sheets created by you and your Sales Manager. Your Production Manager will be involved with your Pre-Construction meeting, Site meetings and will be available to answer technical questions relating to the construction of your home, including items like septic tanks, driveways, hvac, etc.

As your home is being constructed you will learn of the many departments within the construction process. You may not see a lot of the “behind the scenes” calls, paperwork, custom ordering and overall process that takes place to create the masterpiece you will soon call home, but you may be confident with the experience involved to deliver your new custom, quality built home from America’s Home Place.

In addition to the staff at America’s Home Place our trade partners, vendors, suppliers and manufacturers understand and work diligently to maintain the caliber of service we extend to our customers.

Satisfied customers, just like you, are created by offering quality production standards that have been developed throughout the years, since 1972 when we took our first steps towards being the trusted, national builder we are today. For more information about the production schedule for your home, we invite you to contact your Sales Manager.

Learn how our construction process ensures high quality standards in the video below: